Nov 28 2007

Ribbon Tying

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I get asked all the time about tying bows/knots, and since I’ve had several requests again yesterday, I will very quickly and briefly address it here.

Val (Stampin’ Gal Val, 11Valerie11) has produced a very short, sweet and concise video on tying an attractive knot. Basically, it is left over right, right over left, but watching her do it is worth a million words. Here is her Ribbon Tying Video if you haven’t seen it yet.

I use a lot of much wider ribbon, and to save ribbon and, in my opinion, to make it a bit easier to tie with my clumsy fingers, I often (depends on card stlye) do NOT wrap the ribbon around the card, although it would appear so when done. I tie my ribbon in my hands, completely loose and away from the card. When I get my knot how I want it, I then attach it to the card. This gives me the ability to pull the knot from behind as well as from the front, to get the knot just right. And using wider ribbon, if the knot isn’t just right, it is much more noticeable than on narrow ribbon. And I know this makes no sense when you can’t see it — but I can’t photo myself doing this. I do have ladies coming tonight, so maybe someone will be patient and take a few pictures of me tying a ribbon. If so, I’ll get it written up and posted in the next day or so.

So, I know what I just said was no help, but trusting you will take a minute to watch Val’s video, which IS very helpful!!! Thanks, Val!!!

Editing: Val just let me know about another ribbon tying video (an actual bow) done by Talyor VanBruggen (tayloredexpressions) on her Blog. It’s a cute little bow done *bunny ears* style. Here’s the link to Taylor’s Video — but now I couldn’t seem to link that post directly — this link goes to her tutorials page, so just scroll down a bit, and you’ll see some other neat tutorials along the way!!! Thanks, Taylor!!!

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6 Responses to “Ribbon Tying”

  1. Sue B says:

    I LOVE your bows and the ribbon you use. Unfortunately I’m on dialup so videos are out of the question for me. Kristina Werner also has a good video on tying bows – in fact she is the video tutorial Queen and has several (wish I could view them).
    I’ll look forward to your pics next time – I’m sure they will be a big help. My bows are hit and miss.

  2. Taylor says:

    let me try this again – my comment vanished! this is so helpful – I am totally the worst at tying pretty bows and knots! I love yours!!!

  3. nancy littrell says:

    Actually Sharon it does make sense to me! I am such a right over left kind of a girl that I turn my card upside down and tie my bows. If you go tie left over right you do not have to do that……does that make sense? I have seen Val’s video and it is very helpful. Hve fun at your party, nancy

  4. Suzanne says:

    I love your site it is awesome!

    Someone, somewhere, showed another very easy method to tie great knots everytime. Take your Stampin’ Mist bottle and tie your ribbon around the top and tie it into a knot. When you slip the loop off of the bottle use good sharp scissors and cut the loop in 1/2 at a slight slant. The two pieces fall perfectly in place to form your bow! I have not tried this with the wider ribbon yet.

  5. Dawn E. says:

    Thanks for sharing your tip and the videos. Goodness knows I need all the help I can get! Especially with my husband off hunting this week. Don’t think I’ve tied many ribbons without him here…haha! Will practice today!

  6. Bonnie aka raduse says:

    Thanks for the links. I am very clumsy challenged when it comes to tying ribbon. Love the look of it, but very rarely use it because I am so challenged.

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