Jul 07 2010

JustRite Catalog Blog Candy

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I have a card to show you that I haven’t posted here yet, but it is in the new 2010 JustRite Catalog and Idea Book. The JustRitenew Catalog and Idea Book is a fabulous resource for stampers. Not only can you see all product available now and for the next couple months to come, but you can also see some great inspiration pieces to help you out in getting your own creative juices flowing, complete with full recipes for each project!


And since we’re talking about the Catalog today, how about if I offer one up for Blog Candy?

For your chance to win, just leave me a comment on this post. Tell me how you feel about a catalog/resource book. How do you use them? To keep track of purchased items, to keep track of your wish list items, to be inspired, to have cards to CASE? Just curious – no other reason — LOL!!! One comment per person, please. The winner will be drawn by random.org on Friday night sometime after midnight EST and will be announced early Saturday morning, so be sure to check back in then!

These Catalogs are available for sale at $6.95 each. Just email me at ssj@up.net to order one.

And here’s the card I mentioned above:


A personalized monogram that was quick and easy using the 2″ Square Monogram Kit by JustRite- $24.95. The monogram and mat were cut using my Square Nesties. I also used Pink 100% Silk Ribbon, and the bow was made on the Bow Easy. You can see a little *how-to* for this bow treatment here. Kaiser Rhinestones add a little glitz! When I need to make circles that are larger than my Nesties, I use my dishes — Corelle — usually the small desert bowl gives me the size I need. Just trace it with a pencil, cut out and then sponge the edges (that hides any imperfections in my hand cuttting!). It’s totally OK to do things the old-fashioned way sometimes — LOL!!!


Again, I thank you so much for stopping in! I’ll be back late Thursday night with our weekly Stamp Simply Challenge and we also have another Stamp Simply Saturday HOP planned for this Saturday. The winner of this Blog Candy will be announced on Saturday as well. Hope to see you all real soon! Have a great summer week!

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106 Responses to “JustRite Catalog Blog Candy”

  1. Beth Greco says:

    What a pretty card Sharon!! I love resource catalogs. As a matter of fact I used to keep on by my bed so that if I had any trouble falling asleep or just before I went to sleep I’d take a look. Sometimes I’d look for new colour combinations, sometimes at the card ideas, sometimes I’d look at the stamp sets, sometimes I’d look how for new ways to use accessories. There’s something about having a catalogue in your hand that’s wonderful and thanks for the chance to win one with your blog candy.

  2. Margaret says:

    Love your beautiful card! I am new to the JustRite products and have started a nice collection of them…so a resource catalog would be great to plan my future purchases as well as porivde ideas to get my creative juices flowing! Thanks for the opportunity to win one.

  3. Laurie P. says:

    Beautiful card, Sharon! I use catalogues regularly for inspiration mostly (layout, color, etc.) and they usually end up costing me lots of money ’cause I fall in love with so many stamps or products shown in them and add them to my stash. Flipping through a catalogue is still a fave thing to do when I feel like relaxing or am trying to get motivated for a project. I’ve had my eye on this JustRite catalogue for awhile – thanks so much for the chance to win one!

  4. lisa808 says:

    Lovely card. I like a catalog for inspiration!

  5. Suzy Carney says:

    Beautiful card…I love catalogs for ideas. Would love to see this one. Thanks for the chance to win.

  6. Dorothy says:

    Absolutely a BEAUTIFUL card! I love catalogs/resource books. I am a great copier, not so much a great creator, so I LOVE these kinds of catalogs!!! Would be great to win one! Thank you for the opportunity to win one.

  7. Barbara says:

    Hi Sharon, I love catalogs for all the reasons you mentioned ~ inspiration, wish listing, tracking my “collection” of stamp supplies and color combinations. I have been wishing for this new JustRite catalog ever since it was announced. Thanks for the opportunity to win a copy. Love your cards and use of ribbons, by the way. I am always inspired by your work!
    Hugs, Barbara in SC

  8. Lori says:

    Your card is beautiful, as always. I use catalogs so much for inspiration. I use them especially when I am stuck at a certain point on a project to see if I can find somthing to help me out. Thanks for the chance to win!

  9. Hi Sharon,

    I LOVE your card – very elegant.

    I love catalogues/resource books for several reasons:

    1) They help me learn how to colour-in images
    2) They teach how me how to do layouts and what I need to “balance” a layout in the form of embellies like gemstones, brads, flowers etc
    3) They give me colour combos
    4) They give me ideas and inspiration to make something a little different to just a regular card
    5) When my mojo is low (or non-existent!), they are great to thumb thru just to get the old brain fired up and enthused
    6) I take these catalogues/resource books with me when I have my hair done or go to the Doctor’s/Hospital – have done a lot of waiting for medical appointments these past couple of years, and they are so much nicer to look at than an out-of-date women’s magazine (I take a sketch book and pencil as well to write down my ideas or some sample cards – feels like I am putting my time to good use!!)

    Thanks for the opportunity to enter for this beautiful catalogue Sharon!

  10. Lori Campbell says:

    Ooo, I would just love to have a copy of that catalogue! I use my catalogues CONSTANTLY. I use them for ideas but more so, I use them to plan my upcoming projects and purchases. Although, I love to ready the many card-making blogs I subscribe to and I also love to shop for card-making supplies online, there is just nothing as wonderful as having a catalogue to look through over and over and over again!

  11. Diana Downey says:

    I would love to have this catalog…I get sooo much inspiration from catalogs…I’ll go back and back again, because I pick up on something new each time! Thanks for this opportunity Sharon.

  12. Carla Suto says:

    Gorgeous card, Sharon! I love the papers and the unique layout on your background! The monogram and bow are just beautiful! Thanks for a chance to win the JustRite Catalog! I use catalogs to plan purchases and get inspiration for new projects. There are so many wonderful ideas there and it’s a resource you can go back to, time and time again.

  13. janet mack says:

    I use catalogs to keep track of my wish lists and to get ideas for my cards. I just love JustRite stampers.

  14. Beth Willoughby says:

    Love the silk ribbon, it ties so beautifully!

  15. Barb(GrandmaUpNorth) says:

    I save all my old catalogues – and use them frequently for ideas, inspiration, and to keep track of what I have and what I “have” to have!! Loved the card!

  16. Laurie says:

    I use catalogs of all types for inspiration and new ideas. I also like to use them to keep track of what I have and what’s on my wish list.

  17. Brenda says:

    Catalogues are one of my best tools to use for cardmaking. They are full of inspiration, and color combo’s that I don’t usually come up with on my own. Thanks for the chance to win one.

  18. sherry says:

    Another lovely card. I would like to know where I can go to find some instruction on how to use these fabulous JUST RITE stamps. They are a little intimidating to me, but I KNOW they cannot be that difficult.

    Again……another lovely card….you are so talented…..thanks for sharing with us all.

    Cricket’s Daughter

  19. Luanne says:

    I just finished making 18 monogramed note cards for my sister, sil, and stepmom for birthday gifts. Guess who was my inspiration? YOU! I am a very visual person, and so a catalog would be inspiration for me, for layouts, color combinations, bling placement…etc. Your card today makes mine look a little simple, your ribbon is simply gorgeous. Thank you to YOU for how you inspire me! ~hugs~ Luanne

  20. Susan Bugalski says:

    Your card is beautiful and I especially like your bows. Any chance of a tutorial? I use catalogs for both inspiration and if I need a brush up on a certain technique. I am somewhat organized and have everything in front of me. I have to admit that I am currently “stuck” on the easel card. They are so much fun to make and it looks like you’ve spent a lot of time when really it’s easy. Thanks very much for the opportunity.

  21. Janet B says:

    I’d love to have a look at the book, it looks so interesting.

  22. Kelly G says:

    I use mine for inspiration. So many talented people out there!!! Love your card too!

  23. Lorraine Briel says:

    Hi Sharon,

    I love all your Cards – they always look so bright and cheerful and very professional.

    Resource books are really valuable for many reasons:
    – Inspiration
    – New Ideas
    – Challenge me to use colour combinations which I would not ordinarily put together
    – Help me think out of the box
    – They free me from my own pre-conceived ideas and encourage me to be a little unconventional
    – They add to my “If you want to buy me a gift List”
    – Help me to keep abreast of new trends

    Hope I’m blessed enough to win the prize!

  24. Kim Thorne says:

    I love resource catalogs to track my wish list and get inspiration for my stamping!

  25. Clarinda says:

    I love your blog and follow it daily! I also love Justright stamps. I’ve gotten quite a few of them but need these square ones…lol. I don’t get magazines very often but when I buy a book or magazine it gets filed away with in arms reach so I can use it for a reference book. I use them for inspiration. Some time it’s a lift and sometime it totally different when done :). Because I have so few I keep them all! I love monagram cards so Just right is wonderful.

  26. Rita says:

    Gorgeous card Sharon, luv that ribbon too! I luv the catalog idea very much, I use them to let me know what I have & check off items for my wish list & also get my inspiration from the colors & cards in the books. Great idea, thanks!

  27. Kathy Harwood says:

    I love your card! I have been a follower of your blog for a while now and I am constantly inspired by your work. Would absolutely love to have a catalog. I use them to plan future purchases and sometimes to just get ideas. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  28. Edna Rhea says:

    I use the catalog and idea books to track wish lists and get ideas for cards.

  29. sharon d says:

    Another nice card. I like looking at catalogues & resource books for inspiration, layouts & color combinations. I like seeing other peoples take on things, it makes me step out of my comfort zone. Thanks for the chance to win….

  30. mary puskar says:

    I LOVE catalogs! It’s like a gift in the mail when one comes. I like to check off with a fat red marker every item I own as I acquire them. Then I use another color for my wish list. And they are great for inspiration. Would love to win as I don’t own any Just Rite products and have wanted to start!


  31. Lynne Z. says:

    First Sharon – Love your card! So beautiful and soft looking! I totally love catalogs which I mostly use for inspiration, but most of the time my creation looks alot different than what inspires me – go figure. Thanks for the opportunity to win this book.


  32. Patsy Behrendt says:

    I love this card!! I use catalogs just like I use other people’s blogs. I get so much inspiration from them and if all else fails, I just copy the ones I like!!

  33. Gail S. says:

    I love catalogs for all the reasons already mentioned, but my favorite it to take in the car with me. While my husband drives I can look, but still talk with him, if I’m reading a book I don’t want to talk. I can make wish lists, plan a card etc.

  34. Sheri says:

    First off that is a beautiful card you made for today’s blog. Only you can tie a bow and make a ribbon look so incredibly beautiful! Ok golly, how do I use cattys. I use them for inspiration, I use them to help suggest colors, I use them to see what i can’t live without and have to buy. those are only a very few of the many reasons I love catalogs!

  35. I like to use my cattys as a place to keep track of supplies I’ve ordered and already own so I don’t order them again! From time to time I find inspiration in them, but mostly my inspiration comes from blogs that I follow and out in craft land :)

    Your card is lovely … I {heart} that Basic Grey Porcelain paper! Thanks, as always Sharon, for your lovely inspiration!

  36. Debbie M says:

    Love the card! I like to have resource catalogs, magazines etc. Whenever I need inspiration they are great to go to for ideas.

  37. sandra says:

    yes, all of the above – I use it to keep track of what I have what I need and I also use it for inspiration – now if these are true recipes – with dimensions and all – it is worth something!
    Thanks for the inspiration!

  38. Cathy Green says:

    Gorgeous card! I love resource books! I wear the pictures out looking at them! LOL I get great ideas and inspiration from them.

  39. Amy Sabol says:

    I would SO love to have one of those catalogs as I have never seen one before. I use idea books to get my juices going and draw inspiration from them. As well, I would love to be able to purchase and mark off the new “toyz” and also circle up the new ones I would like.

    Thank you for the chance to win.

    ~Amy Sabol~

  40. Mary R. says:

    Love the square monogram card! I use my catalogs for inspiration, wish lists and mark the things I already own so I don’t “forget” and buy it again!

  41. Carole says:

    Sharon, another beautiful card! Your cards always capture my attention, so elegant and lovely to look at. You sure have a way with bows dear Sharon. As for catalogs, a great way to learn new techniques and like everyone else here, find great inspirational ideas.

  42. Natalie says:

    I love catalogues as a huge source of inspiration. Also the colour photos help me determine how I should colour my own images.

  43. Seeing your lovely card is what I come here for, getting the chance at a bonus of a catalog is nice too! Happy Day to you!

  44. Corinna says:

    Love, love, love that bow!! I use catalog/idea books to see how other artists interpret a product or image. I just get so much inspiration from them. Thanks for the chance to win a new catalog!! 😀

  45. Lillian Child says:

    Great card, Sharon!! I use product catalogs (such as stampin up, close to my heart, hero arts, etc. etc.) mostly for inspiration and to see how the company’s design artists use a particular stamping image or embellishment. I do not have any Justrite products and would love to see this catalog! Thanks for the chance!

  46. Lexi says:

    I sure could use the catalog for inspiration. I’m in a creative rut.

  47. Sue D says:

    I use catalogs as inspiration, to CASE cards and to keep track of the ones I own.
    Beautiful card!

  48. Kim Ross says:

    Beautiful card — you do such a nice job with the bows! :) I like catalogs/idea books for so many things: color combinations, layouts, wish-lists… They’re great fun! Thanks for the chance to win!

  49. Lovely card. I use catalogs for making wish lists, project ideas, color combo ideas, layout ideas,and I just love to sit down with a cup of coffee and spend some r&r time going thru them. Thanks for a chance to win this great catalog.

  50. Marilyn says:

    I use catalogs for wish lists, inspiration, and to keep track of what I already have. Multipurpose!!!

  51. Kelly Sas says:

    Your cards are ALWAYS wonderful! This one is no exception. I like to use catalogs/idea books for a number of reasons: inspiration, casing, wish list, and I do check off items I have purchased in certain catalogs. I am new to Just Rite and don’t have one of their catalogs so it would be so helpful to win this one!

  52. Bev J. says:

    I haven’t seen their catalog but use Stampin’ Up and other catalogs just not to buy from but to use for inspiration for new ideas especially when I hit a ‘slump’. Thanks for a chance to win.

  53. Stacie says:

    I use catalogs like that for inspiration and to see what I want to purchase next!!

  54. Catherine Kraft says:

    I always keep my catalogs for inspiration for color combos, layouts, etc….I highlight my catalogs with the products I have in my stash, keep a post-it on the cover for my wish list. I teach classes, so this is also a great way to start with an idea and totally get the creative juices flowing and design a project off an idea I’ve seen.

    I keep my catalogs near my work table where I can grab a tote bag, a few catalogs, along with a pen and post-it’s so when I’m heading to a doctor’s office or somewhere I will have to be waiting I never tire of my “reading” material. I’d love to have some new inspiration and would love to win a catalog.



  55. BeckyH says:

    I love resource catalogs to see what new products are available and for inspiration. Each time I look through them I see something new or get new ideas. Thanks for offering this catalog as “candy.”

  56. Shirley N says:

    I use my catalogs first for inspiration and then the pages are tagged for my wish list. Your card is beautiful and your ribbon is gorgeous!!!

  57. Sheri C says:

    I would love to have the catalog for Just Rite! They are a wonderful way to keep track of your stamp purchases so you can know which catalog they are from and to also give you ideas. I have catalogs from long ago from so many different companies.

  58. Suzanne W. Skeels says:

    I have several of the smaller cattys from JustRite. I use them for keeping track of what I have bought and, if I’ve really been stampin’ up a storm, which pieces go with which set. Then there is the inspiration angle. And just to drool and make wish lists. Thanks for thinking of us.

  59. Darlene Castor says:

    I love catalogs for ideas, especially when I feel like I’m in a slump. I will spot something that triggers me and “off” I run to my stamping room and am back on a roll!!
    I am not familiar with the JustRite products, so I would love a free catty….thanks for the oportunity to win one.

  60. Suzanne W. Skeels says:

    I use my cattys for keeping track of what I’ve got, and, if I have been stampin’ up a storm, which pieces go with what set. Catalogs are nice for inspiration and maybe to catch the drool as I make up my ever growing wish lists. Beautiful card by the way. Thank you for the chance.

  61. Sheila Harper says:

    I love catalogs. I keep them in my craft room, but at any given time there are a number by my bed. I love to pour over them for inspiration. And I dream about purchases I would love to make!

  62. Donna says:

    I use catalogs primarily for inspiration and examples. Thanks for offering one up!

  63. Shawna says:

    Catalogs are a great resource!!! I use them for inspiration as well as a wish list. I browse through my catalogs whenever I have a few minutes to sit and relax.

  64. Darlene L says:

    I use catalogs to keep track of what they have to offer and what I have. As a side note they offer lots of inspiration. Sometimes I use them for casing but not often. I like to see what I can come up with. I like having cattys in front of me–flipping back and forth which can be hard to do on the net at times. Thanks for the chance to win. Your card is beautiful and very catty worthy.

  65. Lynne Phelps says:

    I don’t use them for recipes, but more for inspiration. I would love to be inspired as I have a huge collection of Just Rite products, so I’d love to win this blog candy!

  66. Sally Taitt says:

    I love catalogues. Every time I look into them I get more and more inspired. Your card is lovely and than you for giving me the chance to win.

  67. debb says:

    Beautiful card! I had no idea about the idea book but I love the idea!!!! I use these books to wish, shop and dream. I gather a lot of inspiration from them! Can not wait to see it! thank you for the chance to win one!

  68. jan says:

    Beautiful card! The pink and yellow are lovely together! I use the catalogs for ideas, perhaps a design layout, a color combination, whatever attracts my eye, I seldom copy as I design cards for the inteded reeiver, all very personally designed.

  69. Susan G says:

    Another fabulous monogram card. I love making gift sets of these and most of my inspirations have come from your examples. I love looking at catalogues and magazines for inspiration and samples to case. I’d love to win the JR idea book since I have a lot of their sets. I could use some fresh ideas. Thanks for offering the book as a prize.

  70. Deanna Collins says:

    I think your card is fantastic! It is truly gorgeous! I also get catalogs for all that you mentioned above. I love getting ideas from the printed examples. I also keep track of not only what I already have, but what I really, really want and what I need to reorder. Catalogs are definitely a wonderful way to keep up with what is going on in the cardmaking and scrapbooking world.

  71. Kathy W says:

    Very pretty card! I use catalogs for wish lists and to look at samples to give my creativity a jumpstart. Thanks for the chance to win.

  72. I like catalogs for ideas-but blogs are good for that also! I hate that catalogs use a lot of trees (but then I’m a bit of hypocrite because I buy a lot of scrapbook paper–of course I “use” it though)! :-) Anyway, thanks for a chance to win!

  73. katherine says:

    Just love your beautiful card. I’m really fond of all types of monogram projects.

    The JustRite Stamps are perfect for this, and the new additions are gorgeous.

  74. Linda flanagan says:

    Love the card and you as an inspiration. Catalogs are a great way to see a large variety of ideas. Hope I win! Thanks for sharing.

  75. Heidi Kimmerly says:

    I LOVE Just Rite products. I would love to win the catalog because I love looking through them time and time again, savoring the new items I have tagged for ordering. I love the ideas in them and use them for inspiration.

  76. Michele B says:

    Love resource books…use them to keep track of what stamps I have, and which ones I just HAVE to get. Use them for new ideas as well. Thanks for all your great ideas!

  77. Sandie Luck says:

    It is so useful to me in having a Justrite Catalog for the product info as well as the suggested uses or designs for inspiration. Thank you, Sharon, for your own WONDERFULLY inspiring input. You do such a fab job in sharing your creative talent with us!
    Joyful blessings…..Sandie

  78. Curt OBrien says:

    Your cards are always so beautiful! This one is no exception. I love these catalogs because of the great ideas they offer and you have all items to view all in one place. They make great reference material too! Best, Curt

  79. Judy says:

    I don’t have a stamp store or classes near me so I depend on the internet and printed materials like your Idea Book to keep up with what’s happening. Yours is a new company to me and I am anxious to learn more about it.
    Thanks for your inspirations. Judy

  80. I am a visual person…sometimes I need to see something to be inspired! I live in a rural area and the craft store is sometimes just too far to go. I used books to help keep abreast of what is going on out there! Sometimes I just need ideas on coloring! By the way, I just love visiting your blog! You have really been an inspiration to me!

  81. Okienurse says:

    I love Just Rite stamps and own quite a few. I love the catalogs and idea books and collect them from year to year from various companies.

  82. Kathie says:

    Great card Sharon!! I think catalogs are great for inspiration – when I feel “stuck” – sometimes just paging through helps give me the inspiration I need!! Of course just going to your blog is a great inspiration also. Thanks for the chance to win blog candy. Have a great day!! :)

  83. Carrie says:

    I like idea books because they are a great resource for ideas and I keep a stash of them handy and look at them over and over again. I also mark them up so I know what I have and what I want or need. Thanks for the chance to win this catalog and idea book .

  84. Janet L. says:

    Your card is just simply beautiful, Sharon! I love it. Catalogs never get thrown out here as I revisit them many, many times getting ideas about designs, techniques and color combos. I also use them as my “wish book” for future needs (as opposed to just wants, ha, ha,). Thanks for sharing your talents. I check your blog each day and am always delighted when you have a post.

  85. Nina says:

    Your card is very beautiful. I love my idea books, I keep track of my purchases but I also love ideas that are in them, it is nice to see samples if you need to get inspired or just need to see another card for an idea to take shape in your head. Most of my idea books have little colored tabs for purchases items, wishlists and idea that I know would inspire. Have a great day.

  86. Doris says:

    I love Justrite products!!! I take my resource catalog everywhere so I can look thru it whenever I’m waiting — at a restaurant, at the dentist’s office, at the pharmacy. And, each time I see something that I hadn’t seen before. I love the ideas and can hardly wait to case them. I highlight anything that I’ve already purchased (as well as what my BFF has purchased) so I keep getting new product.

  87. Betsy says:

    The card is very lovely with all the soft colors and pretty accessories.
    Catalogs are great for inspiration! There is always some detail or color combination that will grab my attention and I will make a mental note to play around with it later. It is amazing how inspired we can get from studying the designs of others; it can be one of the best ways to get our own creative “wheels turning.”

  88. Rebecca Ednie says:

    I love inspiration catalogues! I save them and look back when I need a layout and I am too lazy to fire up my computer to look for one! I also love to see how other designers use embellishments! Always something new everytime I look through!

  89. Charlette says:

    Great Card Sharon! As always love the ribbon. Catalogs are a great sourse of entertainment. I save everyone I buy and get in the mail love them. When you are sort of bored get out your catalogs, start looking and before you know it you are creating! Have a great day! TFS

  90. Sylvia from Minnesota says:

    I love catalogs for all the great ideas. They are very inspirational and a great jumping off point for my ideas and just plain fun to peruse. Thanks for the chance.

  91. Andria says:

    I love everything that the Internet delivers to my e-mail box. But for me, nothing, absolutely nothing, beats cozying up in bed with a cup of hot tea and a stack of sticky notes to leaf through a printed catalogue. I stick those notes wherever there is an item I want or a sample I love, then it’s readily at hand when I want to go back–no computer to turn on!

  92. Tara says:

    I lOVE catologues because I use them as inspiration when I cant think of layouts any more. I go through and flag items I want/like. M boyfriend likes to use them as a resource to buy me presents. He can just take the magazines to the store with out me noticing and show them what he wants that I have marked and doesnt look crazy…LOL thats how I got my Gypsy!!! lol
    They also help me to incorporate diff. techniques and tools to create wonderful things.
    I am still waiting on my bow easy I ordered from you, your site is what lead me to that fab. tool and gets my mind rolling of what to do next. LUV IT!!!!
    LOL fingers crossed…. I love to win stuff. :)

  93. Linda Bandow says:

    Love the card and the colors are some of my faves….Catalog sounds good for a number of reasons. Like being able to keep track of what I have and what goes with what base. Have made a few sorta lethal mistakes in ordering when I was “guessing”

  94. Diane H. says:

    Beautiful cards—would love the catalog for ideas to CASE!
    And ideas for the stampers I have and to make my wish list for
    those I would like to get in the future. Thanks for the chance!
    Diane H.

  95. Rosie says:

    Sharon: Your card is awesome as usual, love the silk ribbon, of course and the personalization of the initial, very pretty. Would love the catalog for perusing when I get stuck or have a *brain dead moment* in making layouts or cards. Rosie

  96. Nerina says:

    Eeeeep! Your card is gorgeous! I plunged in and bought a few Just Rite Stampers (all your fault – wink ;0) I wish I could do such glorious things with them! Idea books are used for all sorts of things for me – mainly as a wish list and a place to case things that would work with what I have!

  97. Pat Austin says:

    I have many of the just right stampers and always love to see all the interesting ideas you apply to your cards using their stamps.

  98. Your card is gorgeous, as usual!!! I use these type catalogs for inspiration. It’s always fun to get new ideas.

  99. Barb Eyring says:

    First, I use catalogs to do my “chair-side” shopping. Then I use them for inspiration when looking for project ideas, color combos and layouts. Your card is Beautiful – Love the color combo. Thanks for this chance to win.
    Barb E.

  100. Hi Sharon!
    Your card is Beautiful! Both of them!…

    I like to use the catalogs for 3 reasons…the first is to check things of as I purchase them, kind of a way to keep inventory! 😉
    Another as a wish list!
    And last but certainly not least is for the inspiration that they hold!

    Thank you for offering the candy!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  101. Jean says:

    Sharon, I wont be entering in this blog candy as I already have my beautiful catalogue!. I love it and am wearing it out! It is great as it lists and shows all the stamps and stampers and what goes with what, gorgeous project samples and requirements lists, and the list too of what punches and Nestabilities fit with with the stamps. So everything is together in one place.
    I totally recommend this catalogue! The ideas really inspire me and I can sit with it over a cup of coffee – what pure bliss!

  102. Denise Bryant says:

    I love using catalogs for idea book, and for making “wish lists” to shop from. I much prefer a paper catalog than looking at an online catalog.

  103. Nancy says:

    I am interested in the catologs for ideas. Then I will make my wish list from them. But they will also provide new ideas to use the stamps I have. You provide so much inspiration that the catalogs may be dangerous. I will want it all.

  104. Patty says:

    The catalog is wonderful, I’ve enjoyed looking at it for inspiration but it doesn’t take the place of your beautiful cards. Keep them coming.

  105. Judy Covey says:

    I would love to own a JustRite catalog. I placed my first order of JustRite stamps and a stamper two weeks ago and haven’t had the time yet to use the stamps, between being on vacation for a week and then trying to finish up reorganizing my stamping/craft area. I have seen so many cute cards made with these stamps. I would basically use the catalog for ordering, but also as a resource and also to keep track of what items I have and which ones I want to add to my Wish List.

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